iGlobal Business Consulting, LLC


International Business Development

At iGlobal Business Consulting, LLC in Chandler, Arizona, we help national and international clients to create a successful and sustainable business in the USA, Mexico and Latin America.

Our Mission

iGlobal Business Consulting, LLC aims to provide a clear roadmap to small and medium size companies on their exports & imports.

What We Do

  • International Business Development we help you to create a plan and guide you throughout the export or import process for your product in Mexico, Latin America and USA.
  • All team members have an international background and each of them have lived in more than one countries, this gives us the competitive advantage of knowing how to navigate on a different business culture and language. 
  • Our experts will suggest the best strategy to overcome the challenges on exports and imports, customs, marketing, sales and Operations your company might be facing.
  • We will find buyers and distributors for your products. 
  • Trade Missions from and to Mexico and Latin America. 
  • We organize events focus on international trade 
  • We offer representation services.
  • Our on-demand trainings will support you and your employees on the transition for the new export or import process you might be adding to your company's umbrella.

Our Business Partners

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